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How to crumble cookies neatly

How to crumble cookies neatly

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How to crumble cookies neatly

  • Become the Cookie Monster!

    The technique is simple: Use a rolling pin or any other heavy tool to convert your leftover cookies into sweet crumbs, which you can use in the most versatile ways. Depending on your recipe, you can adjust the size of the crumbs—from big chunks to a fine cookie-flour, everything is possible!

  • Uses:

    The crumbled cookies will serve you for a great variety of uses: By mixing mid-sized crumbles with butter and some chopped walnuts, you can create a delicious crumble topping for your apple pie. Big cookie chunks together with vanilla pudding or mascarpone cream can be converted into a tiramisu-inspired dessert: Just alternate the two ingredients inside a glass and dust it with some cocoa at the end. Very finely grated crumbs are the perfect base for a no-bake pie crust. For this, mix the crumbs with some melted butter until it clumps into a malleable mixture. Spread the dough in a greased cake pan, press in well, and refrigerate for approx. 1 hr. The crust is perfect for any no-bake cheesecake. Happy crumbling!

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    How to crumble cookies neatly


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