How to assemble a piping bag

How to assemble a piping bag

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    Assembling a piping bag the right way is what separates pros from amateurs among bakers and pastry chefs. A neatly applied icing, ganache, or jam can turn any simple cake into a masterpiece. You only need a well-sealed piping bag and some practice, and nothing will stand between you and your successful pastry-experience. Just follow these simple steps to prepare your tools of trade.

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    Cut off the bottom of the piping bag at the designated mark. Be careful, you might need a different bag for each coupler, since the openings may vary in size. Depending on purpose and consistency of the filling, choose the adequate tip and insert it into the top part of the coupler. Now, push the bottom part of the coupler through the bag, which should still cover the screw threads of the coupler, and screw the upper part against the bottom part. Your piping bag is now ready to use! After filling, twist the upper half of the bag to seal, so that you can squeeze the desired amount of filling through the tip. For a neat result, use one hand to keep the bag shut and squeeze it while you guide the tip with your free hand. Now you are ready to decorate your cakes and pies, make churros or cookies, and feel like a professional confectioner!

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    How to assemble a piping bag


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