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Christian Steinmeyer

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30 min
50 min
720 min


20⅞ g
butter (room temperature)
butter (soft, for greasing)
20⅞ g
33⅓ g
sugar (for baiser)
25 g
¼ tsp
baking powder
egg yolks
egg whites (for baiser)
vanilla sugar
glass of gooseberries (around 720 ml with juice)
clear cake glaze
66⅔ ml
cream stiffener
vanilla sugar (for cream layer)


1 sieve, 1 whisk, 2 baking dishes (10 in.), pot (small)

  • Step 1/ 9

    • glass of gooseberries (around 720 ml with juice)
    • 1 sieve

    Start by using a sieve to divide the gooseberries from the juice. Let gravity do the work for you, while preparing the rest.

  • Step 2/ 9

    Preheat the oven to 170°C (150°C with convection),

  • Step 3/ 9

    • 20⅞ g butter (room temperature)
    • 20⅞ g sugar
    • 25 g flour
    • egg yolks
    • ¼ tsp baking powder
    • package vanilla sugar
    • tbsp milk
    • 1 whisk

    Whisk together butter, egg yolks, and sugar. Then add flour, baking powder, vanilla sugar and milk and combine to form the (sponge cake like) dough.

  • Step 4/ 9

    • butter (soft, for greasing)
    • 2 baking dishes (10 in.)

    Use the extra butter to grease the two baking dishes.

  • Step 5/ 9

    Divide the dough equally into the two baking dishes. Then bake them after one another in the middle rail of your oven (170°C or 150°C with convection) for around 15 minutes each.

  • Step 6/ 9

    • 33⅓ g sugar (for baiser)
    • egg whites (for baiser)

    For the baiser, combine egg whites and sugar and whisk until stiff. Carefully transfer onto the pre-baked cake bases (dividing in halves). Bake each cake base with baiser for another 10 minutes in the middle rail of the oven (one after the other). Then let cool on the counter top.

  • Step 7/ 9

    Once cool, carefully remove the first half from the cake dish and transfer to the serving plate. Surround again with the cake dish ring (so that adding something on top will not run off). Then remove the second half from the cake dish and already cut into pieces (this will make cutting the cake later much easier).

  • Step 8/ 9

    • package clear cake glaze
    • pot (small)

    Transfer the gooseberries onto the the uncut cake base. Then transfer their juice to a cooking pot, add cake glaze and bring to a boil over medium high heat (whisk constantly). Once boiling, remove from heat, whisk for another few moments and then pour over gooseberries.

  • Step 9/ 9

    • packages cream stiffener
    • packages vanilla sugar (for cream layer)
    • 66⅔ ml cream

    While the cake glaze cools, whip the cream with cream stiffener and vanilla sugar. Once stiff, add on top. Then add the already cut pieces of the second cake base (don't be surprised, this will be a tight fit). Let cool and remove fixating ring. Taste improves, when left in the fridge overnight (under a lid).

  • Enjoy your meal!



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