berry pie 😋

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egg yolk (dough)
200 g flour (dough)
100 g softened butter (dough)
30 g powder sugar (dough)
100 g dark brown sugar (dough)
6 tbsp milk (dough)
2 g cinnamon (dough) [optional]
2 g ground cardamom (dough) [optional]
1 pinch salt (dough)
5 g yeast / baking powder (dough)
375 g milk (vanilla cream)
egg yolk (vanilla cream)
45 g cornstarch (vanilla cream)
50 g sugar (vanilla cream)
1 tbsp vanilla extract (vanilla cream)
5 g vanilla bean (vanilla cream)
40 g softened butter (vanilla cream)
gelatin sheet (glaze)
95 g sugar (glaze)
125 g water (glaze)
500 g any berry or fruit
  • Step 1/23

    • 200 g flour (dough)
    • 5 g yeast / baking powder (dough)
    • 2 g cinnamon (dough) [optional]
    • 2 g ground cardamom (dough) [optional]

    first we are making a speculoos dough for the shortbread. sift the flour, yeast/baking powder, cinnamon and cardamom together (the last two are optional, only if you want to give a little more taste, perfect for fall and winter)

  • Step 2/23

    • 100 g softened butter (dough)
    • 30 g powder sugar (dough)
    • 100 g dark brown sugar (dough)
    • 1 pinch salt (dough)

    add the pinch of salt, the butter and both sugars (powder sugar and dark brown sugar)

  • Step 3/23

    sand the mixture with your fingertips

  • Step 4/23

    • egg yolk (dough)
    • 6 tbsp milk (dough)

    then add the milk and the egg yolk

  • Step 5/23

    mix everything with a spatula (or a robot) until everything starts to stick together

  • Step 6/23

    then do the rest of the work by mixing with your hands and form a smooth and homogeneous ball

  • Step 7/23

    let it rest in the fridge for at least an hour

  • Step 8/23

    now, we are making the vanilla cream that will fill our dough

  • Step 9/23

    • 375 g milk (vanilla cream)
    • 1 tbsp vanilla extract (vanilla cream)
    • 5 g vanilla bean (vanilla cream)

    heat the milk, the vanilla beans and the vanilla extract on medium heat

  • Step 10/23

    • egg yolk (vanilla cream)
    • 45 g cornstarch (vanilla cream)
    • 50 g sugar (vanilla cream)

    in a separate bowl, whisk the egg yolks, the sugar and the cornstarch to form a smooth mixture

  • Step 11/23

    once the milk is hot, add about 1/3 of it to the sugar/egg yolk/cornstarch mixture and whisk again

  • Step 12/23

    then add everything back into the pan and mix until the mixture starts to thicken

  • Step 13/23

    • 40 g softened butter (vanilla cream)

    pour it in a bowl and whisk the mixture with the butter until it forms a smooth mixture

  • Step 14/23

    let it cool at room temperature

  • Step 15/23

    • gelatin sheet (glaze)

    finally we are making a glaze. for this step, start by putting two gelatin sheets in a bowl filled with cold water

  • Step 16/23

    • 125 g water (glaze)
    • 95 g sugar (glaze)

    at the same time, pour the water and sugar into a pan and bring it to a boil. 

  • Step 17/23

    when the water sugar mixture is boiling, add the two soft gelatin sheets and mix until they dissolve.

  • Step 18/23

    then let it cool in the fridge

  • Step 19/23

    now, we are putting everything together. first, start by rolling out the dough until it is about a centimeter thick, (if your dough is to sandlike and doesn’t come together properly, add a little more milk).

  • Step 20/23

    spread the dough on the pie pan and cook it for 20 minutes at 180°C or 350°F

  • Step 21/23

    once the base of the pie has cooled down, fill it with the cream. (it’s easier to use a pastry bag for this step but if you don’t have one that’s fine)

  • Step 22/23

    then top it with your berries and fruits (some ways to do it are on the picture)

  • Step 23/23

    finally, microwave the glaze for it to turn liquid and drizzle it on the fruits using a brush

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