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Merry Christmas! We’ve made it to the big day!

And what do we have to show for it? Heaps and heaps of cookies. So many, in fact, that we’re having trouble getting through them all—even on our strict holiday cookie-only diet. 

In order for them not to go to waste, it’s time to get creative with our haul. Even if you don’t have use for them now, you can freeze the cookies until you do. And because we’re pretty sure there’s more than one good way to eat a cookie, here are 3:

1. Turn them into pie crust.

Simply combine about 6 tbsp. melted butter and 225 g/2 cups of cookie crumbles to make the perfect shell for any pie. You’ll need to parbake the crust at 190°C/375°F before adding your pie filling and continuing the recipe as instructed. 

2. Layer them in a simple dessert.

What could be easier or more delicious than layering sweetened yogurt, citrus segments, and cookie crumbs? Not much. Give it a try the next time you have unexpected company. 

3. Sprinkle them over ice cream.

And the award for minimum fuss, maximum satisfaction goes to…cookie crumbles on ice cream! Need we say more?

How to Repurpose Leftover Christmas Cookies

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