Building a Stunning Holiday Centerpiece

Building a Stunning Holiday Centerpiece

Do it yourself for a more beautiful table

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We love projects around the holiday season—most often this comes in the form of baking Christmas cookies, putting up a tree, and wrapping presents.

This year, why not try your hand at a new tradition? Building your own table centerpiece out of stunning florals is not only fun to do, but satisfying.

Take a look at the videos below to see how it’s done—and for supporting information about each centerpiece.

Elegant Wreath Centerpiece

Elegant Wreath Centerpiece

  • 00:38 min.

Elegant Christmas Wreath

Making a wreath is an investment in time, but it is actually quite easy to do on your own, once you get into a rhythm. For this one, we’ve done a riff on the classic pine wreath by using fragrant and beautiful eucalyptus leaves as the base.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • wreath frame
  • floral tape
  • floral wire
  • shears
  • assortment of flowers, berries, and greens, like eucalyptus, cedar branches, protea, blue muffin stems, and astrantia

How to do it:

1) Create small bundles of the greenery (eucalyptus, cedar branches, and blue muffin stems) securing them together at the base with floral tape.

2) Attach bundles to wreath frame with floral wire. Start on the outside, then work your way in to create a lush, full wreath.

3) Once the wreath has a base of greens, decorate it further by adding the flowers (astrantia and protea) throughout as desired.

4) Place the wreath in the center of your table and fill the center with candles of various heights.

Romantic Floral Centerpiece

Romantic Floral Centerpiece

  • 00:35 min.

Romantic Floral Arrangment

The holidays are all about extravagance, and this floral arrangement is warm, romantic, and incredibly gorgeous.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • wide, shallow vase
  • chicken wire
  • shears
  • assortment of flowers, berries, and greens, like eucalyptus, chrysanthemum, protea, blue muffin, and astrantia

How to do it:

1) Cut out a round of chicken wire and form it into a dome that fits into your vase.

2) Fill vase with water.

3) Add some branches of greenery to the vase as a base, using the chicken wire quadrants to prop up the branches.

4) Continue adding flowers, berries, and more greens as desired until the vase if full and to your liking.

Published on December 20, 2016

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