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The Kitchen Stories team has been eagerly awaiting the publication of a very special project: our first cookbook! Finally, we get to share it with you. We alluded to it last January and launched a call to for you to submit your very own recipes for the chance to be a part of our cookbook. Now, A total of 70 recipes and 320 pages are ready, printed, and will be out in the world and ready to cook from March 2021!

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What can you expect in these 320 pages? Here are our top 5 highlights from our first cookbook:

1. The Recipes

Each of the 70 recipes in this book has been meticulously selected by our editors with you, our community, in mind. We wanted this book to help you bring approachable, yet modern, dishes to your table in 60 minutes or less, with structured guidance on techniques, tools, and ingredients that might be outside your comfort zone—but not outside your ability. Anyone Can Cook not only contains some of our most popular recipes, but many exciting new creations, from the perfect salad bowl to a beautiful onion tart, developed exclusively for the book. Divided into 5 chapters—Soups & Salads, Vegetarian & Vegan, Pasta, Meat, Out of the Oven—you can look forward to a variety of different recipes that can easily be adapted to dietary needs.

Here's a sneak peek of one the recipes in our cookbook created by our chef Johanna.

Make bok choy and crispy tofu stir fry with Hanna

  • 08:52 min.

2. Our Community

Appreciation for our community is a cornerstone of this book and is reflected in the personal stories from our editors and chefs, in the photographs and illustrations selected with love, and, above all—in the fantastic recipes from our community which have been included in the book.

3. Step-by-Step Photos

Whether it's a grilled twist on chicken piccata, simple spinach and bean quesadillas, or Chinese cold noodles, all of our recipes are guaranteed to succeed thanks to our simple step-by-step instructions and photos—just like you know from our app. We also made sure that every dish is complete with a photo, so you never have to wonder what the dish you're making should look like!

4. The Foundations

In this chapter at the beginning of the book you will find a cooking crash course with all the basic ingredients, utensils, skills, and techniques used throughout the book. So that you never have to ask yourself the question: "Wait, how do I do this again?" Because: Anyone can cook. You just have to know how.

5. Informative Articles and Infographics

Each chapter begins with a recipe that offers you endless possibilities to modify according to your taste, using ingredients you have on hand. We've dedicated extra space for these recipes, so you can then immerse yourself in the versatility and preparation of the recipe. With the help of these dishes and beautiful illustrated infographics, our editors will show you new skills, give you tips to make sure you succeed, and show you how easy it is to customize a recipe if you take a few basic to heart. All in all, these recipes serve to make us all more versatile cooks.

Where to Order Our Cookbook

We're so excited to share our cookbook with you: Pre-order online now by clicking this link. We might be biased, but Anyone Can Cook also makes a great gift—for yourself or family and friends who love to be in the kitchen (or at the dining table!). For even more information about the cookbook, plus other delicious content, follow us on Instagram.

Which of your favorite Kitchen Stories recipes do you hope made it into the cookbook? Let us know in the comments!

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