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Please raise your hands if you are perfectly organized and have bought all of your presents. No hands? Don’t worry! We will try to make your life a little easier this year by sharing some gift ideas that we have already bought ourselves or put on our own wish list. If we could, we would ask Santa for every single one. Oh my...

Vintage Copper French Saucepan with Lid, Mid 19th Century

We are absolutely in love with this vintage copper saucepan! It has been impeccably restored by Coppermill Kitchen and is the eye catcher on any stove top.
They even have a full set on offer!

Black Cross-Back Kitchen Apron with Graphite Gray Ties

Black is always in style. With this classy apron you are not only helping your friends to prevent unwanted stains while cooking the Christmas classics but you are also helping them to look like a high class chef in their own home.

Marble cutting board

Do you want your veggies to feel as comfortable in your kitchen as you do? Just let them hangout on this one of a kind cutting board!

Clustered Bell Cocktail Shaker

The perfect shaker to have while throwing a classy cocktail party! Don’t forget to check out our upcoming cocktail classics to give it your first try.

Cynthia Barcomi bakeware

Confessions of a perfectionist baker: "I want my crust to be evenly brown and my dough not to stick to the bottom." We come to your rescue with this wonderful gift. Check it out and make any cook or baker very happy.

Bamboo Spatula

The fascinating plant Bamboo is known for its great strength and flexibility. With this stylish Spatula, just like this wonderful resource itself you’ll be able to withstand any challenges. Go ahead and check out the great variety of kitchen accessories that designer Niclas Vahé has to offer.

Ceramic bowl

Everyone needs bowls in the kitchen. Why not go for these pretty ones? We are huge fans of this line of ceramic bowls by Tine K Home. They are available in a number of different sizes and are perfect for serving your next great dinner.

You are looking for even more gift inspiration? Check out our Pinterest boards (Gift classics, Funny kitchen tools and Edible gifts for foodies) and we promise you will not be disappointed!

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