5 Essential Wine Accessories for a Better Pour



The sound of wine splashing into an empty glass is almost Pavlovian in its ability to relax and de-stress. Much like cooking, drinking wine is as much about ritual as anything else. We drink it to unwind, to connect, and to indulge, whether it’s at a wedding, a dinner party, or a night alone with the couch and your favorite TV show. And like any good ritual, enjoying wine comes with its fair share of accoutrements to elevate the experience. Here are 5 essential wine accessories to raise your glass to:

Corkscrew and Wine Stopper

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To get started, you’ll need a tool for uncorking the wine. Choose a corkscrew that’s sturdy and easy to use—better yet if it comes with a wine stopper, which will extend the life of the wine.
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A good wine deserves a good glass. It’s ideal to have a different set for red wine, white wine, and Champagne, as the shape and size of the corresponding glass is designed to maximize the flavor and aroma of each.
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If you’ve invested in a good bottle of wine that’s been aged for a while, you may want to consider decanting it before drinking. Decanting allows you to separate any sediment from the wine that has accumulated over time, and allows for aeration, which enhances the wine’s aroma and overall flavor profile.
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Interested in learning more about grape varieties and wine pairings, or thinking of starting a collection? It’s time to do some research. Let a great reference like "Wine Folly: Essential Guide to Wine," which uses infographics to walk you through the basics, be your guide.
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Wine Rack

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Once your collection starts to grow, storage can become an issue. Remember to store wine in a dark, cool place with consistent temperatures. Additionally, bottles are best stored horizontally, so that their liquid is always in contact with the cork. To stay organized and treat your wine well, you may consider investing in a wine rack for these purposes.
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