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Editor-in-Chief at Kitchen Stories


Entertaining is the epicenter of the holiday season. And as hosts, we’re always looking for inspiration that will help make this year’s celebrations even better than the last. After all, putting a festive spin on everything from the food we eat to the gifts we give is what makes the season memorable.

In that spirit, here are 3 ways to set your holiday table—one modern; one mixed-and-matched; one traditional-leaning.
No matter what your style, we hope that you can draw inspiration from each. And most importantly, that your table is filled with good food and loved ones throughout the holidays.

3 Merry Ways to Set a Holiday Table

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Check out the video and our suggestions below for more information on each setting!

1.) Clean and Contemporary

This table setting is defined by its crisp, modern appeal. Clean white linens and dinnerware are contrasted by vibrant green glasses and complemented by elegant matte cutlery. Wood adds a touch of warmth, as do candles and a napkin ring wreath.

To make your own napkin wreath, simple twist together small branches of greenery or herbs—like eucalyptus, rosemary, and thyme—and bind together the ends with a bit of wire to form a ring.

It’s a simple but elegant way to elevate you dinner table instantly!

2.) Vibrant and Eclectic

Fun and laid-back, this table setting pulls off a difficult balance of youthful and sophisticated. The aesthetic is mixed-and-matched, executed with well-crafted and curated items.

The soft blues, romantic floral arrangement, wood-handled flatware, and beautiful porcelain make for a festive but unexpected combination that is sure to impress your guests.

The place cards are propped up by old wine corks, which are easily fashioned into holders by slicing a small slit into the top where the card can sit. Easy as that!

3.) Charming and Warm

For those looking to embrace the holiday spirit with a more traditional aesthetic, this is the tablescape for you.

Natural linens, holiday-themed pates, and beautiful glass- and mirrored flatware come together to create an anything-but-kitschy table.

The best part? The place cards are edible! Traditional Christmas cookies are turned easily into place cards by piping on each guest’s name. Easy, fun, and tasty—a happy holiday indeed.

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