Tiramisù (the classic recipe)

Tiramisù (the classic recipe)

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"I tested dozens of tiramisùs recipes until I got this one and I can guarantee: it's the best you'll find. Just follow the steps without fear and use the right ingredients. Everything will be fine in the end."
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60 min
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166⅔ g
mascarpone cheese
16⅔ g
1⅔ tbsp
100 g
chocolate bars
166⅔ ml


espresso machine, knife, 2 bowls

  • Step 1/ 10

    • espresso machine

    First of all: before you start making your tiramisù, brew an espresso and let it cool down for hours. I prepared 600 milliliters of espresso using a Italian Moka.

  • Step 2/ 10

    • 100 g chocolate bars
    • knife

    Let's start our recipe! Cut your chocolate bar veeeery fine. Most tiramisùs use powdered chocolate, I know. But I don't like it cause this is a creamy dessert and it's nice to have some crunchy chocolate between the layers. But, if you prefer, you can grate and powder as well. Tip: as soon as you finish cutting, place your chopped chocolate in the fridge to prevent it from melting.

  • Step 3/ 10

    • eggs
    • 2 bowls

    Carefully separate the white from the yolk and never, NEVER use egg whites, all right? Tip: for every 250 grams of mascarpone you'll need 1 egg. As I used 500gr of cheese, I needed 2 eggs.

  • Step 4/ 10

    • 166⅔ ml espresso
    • package ladyfinger

    Make some espresso coffee (I made 500 milliliters using a Italian Moka) and let it cool at room temperature. Now put your ladyfingers in a pot and let them soak up your coffee. Tip: It's cleaver to do this before we start preparing the cream so your biscuits have time to absorb the coffee flavor. Now let's go to your tiramisù cream!

  • Step 5/ 10

    • 16⅔ g sugar

    Mix the yolks adding sugar without haste. You will notice that the color will change from yellow to beige. Tip: do not use an electric mixer to make your tiramisù. Your hands will make a better job, believe me.

  • Step 6/ 10

    • 166⅔ g mascarpone cheese

    Now is the time to call the lead actor on stage: add your mascarpone cheese inside the cream (the one made with yolks and sugar) and mix gradually until it start to become homogeneous. Tip: mascarpone at room temperature will be easier to mix.

  • Step 7/ 10

    • 1⅔ tbsp limoncello

    Few restaurants (or people) use Limoncello in their recipes. But trust me: if you want the real tiramisù, be sure to use it in your recipe, because all the flavors will become stronger and your cream will be much more delicate. So, let's put it together and mix your cream!

  • Step 8/ 10


    Do you remember our egg whites? Now it's time to shake it with your wrists (without adding anything). Tip: we don't want make a chantilly here; we want a very consistent foam, like the one I showed in that video.

  • Step 9/ 10


    Now the trick step. Add the white egg foam inside your cream and mix all together WITHOUT RUSH. Use all your ability and love. In a few minutes everything will be consistent. You are a champion, my friend!

  • Step 10/ 10


    Now we just need to assemble all in a large platter or individual pots. The layers sequence will be: ladyfingers, cream, chocolate, ladyfingers, cream and chocolate. That's all, folks! Now cover up, let your tiramisù rest in the fridge and... serve it.

  • Enjoy your meal!

    Tiramisù (the classic recipe)


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