Spicy Falafel

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“This recipe is from the time I was in college. A college friend and I always wanted to try Falafel, so we found a basic recipe and added some other ingredient to our taste. we always prepared this together on nights when friends came over, and served this with other finger food. Combination tip: Delicious with spelled pita bread with tzatziki salad and raw arugula.”


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400 g dry chickpeas
3 l water (cold)
30 g cilantro
4 tbsp harissa
4 tsp smoked paprika powder
2 cloves garlic
6 tbsp tahini
800 ml vegetable oil (for frying)
  • Step 1/5

    • 400 g dry chickpeas
    • 3 l water (cold)

    Put the chickpeas in a bowl. Pour 3 liters of water over it and soak for a minimum of 8 hours.

  • Step 2/5

    • 30 g cilantro
    • 4 tbsp harissa
    • 4 tsp smoked paprika powder
    • 2 cloves garlic
    • 6 tbsp tahini

    Drain the chickpeas and put them in the food processor bowl. Coarsely chop the coriander leaves. Add the harissa, paprika powder, coriander, garlic, tahini and a pinch of salt. Grind in about 3 minutes to a fine paste.

  • Step 3/5

    • 800 ml vegetable oil (for frying)

    Heat the oil in a large pan to around 160 ° C. Check the temperature with a kitchen thermometer.

  • Step 4/5

    With 2 scoops (or an ice scoop) scoop 6 scoops per person from the chickpea mixture and add to the hot oil. Bake 1/4 of the falafel in 4-5 min. Until golden brown and done. Remove from the oil with a skimmer and drain on kitchen paper. Also bake the rest of the falafel.

  • Step 5/5

    Combination tip: Delicious with spelled pita bread with tzatziki salad and raw arugula.

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