Osmanthus Jan

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50 g fresh osmanthus flowers/dried osmanthus flowers
100 g caster sugar
100 g honey
5 g lemon peels
1 g salt


  • sieve
  • glass jam jar
  • Cooking pot
  • jam jar
  • Tinfoil
  • Step 1/6

    • 50 g fresh osmanthus flowers/dried osmanthus flowers
    • sieve

    Wash the fresh osmanthus flower with clean water and filter out the water. Put the washed osmanthus flowers into a sieve and shake the sieve softly until most pedicles fell off. I recommend you watch an episode of animation while shaking your sieve.If you use the dried osmanthus flowers ,soak them into normal temperature water until they are unfolded and soft(1 hour or less),drain the water off.

  • Step 2/6

    • glass jam jar
    • Cooking pot

    Get your container disinfected,your glass bottles and lids are seperated and put inside the cooking pot with enough water.Boil them for 15 minutes and drip dry.

  • Step 3/6

    • 1 g salt

    Softly mix the salt with the osmanthus flower and leave them for 10minutes.

  • Step 4/6

    • 100 g caster sugar
    • 5 g lemon peels

    Plane 5g lemon peel flakes, mix them into the salted osmanthus,put sugar into the mixture of osmanthus and lemon peel ,softly stir them with your hand.

  • Step 5/6

    • 100 g honey
    • jam jar

    Get a spoon,scoop out some osmanthus mixture and put it on the bottom of the jar,first floor completed. Press it softly and make the first floor flat. Secondly scoop out some honey and pour it on the first floor,the thickness should be twice the thickness of the first floor,the second floor completed.Repeat above actions,osmanthus floor alternate with honey floor.Stop until the jar is 80% full.

  • Step 6/6

    • Tinfoil

    Screw on the cover of the jar, wrap the jar in tinfoil.Preserve the jar at room temperature for 7 days.Then enjoy your osmanthus jam.

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