Italian Pizza in teglia - from Rome

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350 g high-gluten flour
280 g water
1 tsp honey
9 g salt
1 tbsp olive oil (for greasing)
1½ tbsp extra-virgin olive oil (for decorating)
10 tbsp tomato sauce (for coating)
250 g mozzarella cheese (for coating)
1 tsp active dry yeast


  • stand mixer with dough hook
  • Step 1/10

    • 350 g high-gluten flour
    • 280 g water
    • 1 tsp active dry yeast
    • 1 tsp active dry yeast
    • stand mixer with dough hook

    Mix the ingredients togheter and knead for 8 minutes on medium-low speed

  • Step 2/10

    Plastic Wrap the dough and let it rest for 30 minutes

  • Step 3/10

    • 9 g salt

    Add salt to the dough, and knead again for 5-7 minutes until the dough isn’t so sticky anymore

  • Step 4/10

    • 1 tbsp olive oil (for greasing)

    Give the dough a couple of slap and fold, and put it in a greased bowl. Let it proof in the fridge for 12-28h

  • Step 5/10

    Take the dough out of the bowl and shape it into a ball

  • Step 6/10

    Shape the dough again and form a loaf-shaped ball. Gently transfer it to a greased baking tray and cover it with a damp towel. Let it rise for 3 hours

  • Step 7/10

    Evenly flour a working surface, and rotate the tray, overturning the dough gently onto the surface.

  • Step 8/10

    Use your fingers to press the dough 10 times. Transfer it again to the baking tray

  • Step 9/10

    • 1½ tbsp extra-virgin olive oil (for decorating)
    • 10 tbsp tomato sauce (for coating)
    • 250 g mozzarella cheese (for coating)

    Spread tomato sauce and olive oil on top of the dough and cook at the maximum your oven can go for 9 minutes, then add the mozzarella cheese and cook again for 3-4 minutes.

  • Step 10/10

    Let your pizza get warmer on a cooling rack for 3 mintes. Then cut it in 8 pieces and enjoy!

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