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How to use a pan with ceramic coating

How to use a pan with ceramic coating

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  • How to Properly Use Ceramic Coated Pans

    A pan with ceramic coating serves as a nonstick, eco-friendly alternative to traditional cookware. These pans are suitable for all types of stoves, but since they offer some special properties, these nonstick pans also need a little extra care. Read through our tips and watch the video to see how to properly use a ceramic pan.

  • Simple Tips for Cooking with Ceramic Coated Pans

    Always heat your pan with ceramic coating over medium heat. Do not rush the preheating process by using high heat! Use rapeseed oil, clarified butter, or hydrogenated fats for frying! Some oils can burn even at low temperatures and thus are not suitable for coated pans. Allow the chosen fat for greasing to heat for a minute before adding food to the pan. Do not leave your pan unattended; it is important to stay close, even when pre-heating. This pan is ideal for slow cooking vegetables over medium-low heat. At most, you should heat the pan at two-thirds of the maximum power of your stove. Wooden spoons and spatulas made of silicone or plastic are ideal for use in the pan. Do not cut food while it is in the pan and never use sharp items on it to prevent any damage to the ceramic coating, as this special feature allows the gentle preparation of your food.

  • Enjoy your meal!

    How to use a pan with ceramic coating


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