How to slice a cake like a pro

How to slice a cake like a pro

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    Cutting a cake: sounds easy, right? Not exactly! Anyone who’s been in charge of cutting a cake knows that it can be a high-pressure situation. If you have the wrong technique or an unsuitable knife for the respective kind of cake, this can turn into a huge challenge. But no need to worry about the fate of your cake. Just follow these instructions to serve a perfect, and clean slice of cake, every single time.

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    Use a knife with a thin, sharp blade for cutting a layer cake. Start by scoring a line across top of cake, then score another perpendicular line. Continue by dividing each quadrant into equal pieces. Cut through scored lines completely. Once the knife has gone all the way through, pull it away from the cake. Slide a cake server under the bottom of the slice and serve.

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    For slicing cheesecake and other dense cakes, it’s important that you heat and properly clean the blade of your knife in between each cut. So, before you begin cutting, briefly soak the blade in a container of warm water. The warm blade will help with cutting into your cake. Then, wipe dry the blade with a paper towel. Now you’re ready to make the first cut. After that, wipe blade clean, reheat it in warm water, and wipe dry again before you start to make the second cut. Continue with this procedure, until all cake slices are ready to be served.

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    For a delicate chiffon or angel food cake, use a serrated knife and gently cut into your cake in a sawing motion. You can use the flat side of your blade to pick up your slice from the bottom to serve. Enjoy!


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