French onion soup

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“onion soup was not something i like till i tested in a local restaurant in Paris, i changed my mind immediately and it became on of my favorite soup ever. That day i learned that, always you need to gave second chance to things happened in your life .. gave it try and enjoy and last tip, Potato wedges gose very well with the onion soup:) ”


Easy 👌


1 kg onion
15 g flour
100 g butter
1 l veggie stock
½ cob dry white wine
⅛ cob whiskey ( optional)
2 tsp salt ( how you like)
½ tsp pepper
1 tsp thyme
2 cloves garlic
4 slices baguettes
150 g Emmentaler cheese
  • Step 1/4

    • 1 kg onion

    Peel the onions, then slice them into wings.

  • Step 2/4

    • 100 g butter
    • ½ cob dry white wine
    • ⅛ cob whiskey ( optional)
    • 2 tsp salt ( how you like)
    • ½ tsp pepper

    On a medium heat, put the butter, then add the onions and season it with salt and black pepper, cook the onions to gat it light brown, add the white wine and whiskey. If you don’t want to add alcohol you can use apple cider instead wine, and skip the whiskey.

  • Step 3/4

    • 15 g flour
    • 1 l veggie stock
    • 1 tsp thyme

    Add the flour to onions and mix it well for 2 minutes before adding the veggie stock and the thyme. Keep it simmer on medium heat for 10 minutes.

  • Step 4/4

    • 2 cloves garlic
    • 4 slices baguettes
    • 150 g Emmentaler cheese

    We need some crust !! For that grilled the baguette bread ( or any kind of bread you like) and rub it with the garlic, add it on the top of soup And sprinkle it with the Emmentaler cheese ( or any melted cheese of your choice), put it the pre-heated oven on 200 for 10 minutes till become golden brown.

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