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3 ways to prepare matcha

3 ways to prepare matcha

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2 tsp
matcha powder
120 ml
water (hot or cold)
milk for serving
  • The Magical Matcha

    Matcha, an ancient Japanese tea tradition that is now trending in modern food culture for its magical health benefits. Looking at nutritional facts, the hype is well justified, as this high quality green tea powder is an antioxidant powerhouse—high in the natural detoxifier chlorophyll—and an energy booster from natural properties.

  • How to Make It

    1. Classic whisk Sieve 1 tsp. matcha into a bowl, add 90°C hot water, and whisk until frothy. Add to serving cup. 2. Electric frother Sieve 1 tsp matcha into cup, add 90°C hot water, and use milk frother to froth it up. 3. Sealable jar For a cold option, sieve 1 tsp matcha into a sealable jar, add ice cubes and cold water. Close lid tightly and shake until frothy. Enjoy your matcha with some milk, if desired!

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    3 ways to prepare matcha


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