American pie dough, 2 ways

American pie dough, 2 ways

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680 g
2 tbsp
6 tsp
440 g
cold butter
160 ml
cold water
flour for dusting
  • Easy as Pie

    There are few things more American than pie. It's a staple dessert in most parts of the country, but can vary greatly in terms of filling and presentation. Pies can be sweet or savory, fruit- or custard-filled, single- or double-crusted. No matter what kind of pie you like, a good crust is key. To achieve this, you can choose to use butter, lard, shortening, or a combination thereof, depending on your preference. Generally, it's important not to overmix the dough so that the butter remains in fairly large pieces (about almond-sized); this will ensure a light and flaky crust. For custard pies however, a slightly smaller crumb (pea-sized) will help to prevent leaking.

  • Choose Your Method

    Making pie dough requires little in terms of equipment. The simplest way to do it is to use your hands; this also gives you the most control so that you don't risk mixing the dough too much. The second way is to use a food processor, which makes the process quick and easy, and can also produce good results if you're careful. As such, be sure to only pulse the dough to avoid overmixing. For the full recipe, take a look at the video above!

  • Enjoy your meal!

    American pie dough, 2 ways


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