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An unmissable staple on our breakfast recipe rotation: welcome to the wonderful world of pancakes!

Pancakes are not only delicious, but also highly versatile. The basic recipe usually consists of a handful of simple ingredients: eggs, milk, flour and maybe some sugar. From there, you can take your pancake recipe anywhere you like!

There are plain and sweet pancakes, as well as thinner, savory, egg-free, and vegan varieties. Discover a wealth of other delicious pancake recipes and creative variations to make your pancake dreams come true.

Pancake recipes made simple: quick and easy.

Looking for a no-fuss breakfast or snack? Try our easy pancakes! With just a few ingredients, you can whip up delicious pancakes that are sure to succeed and taste great. Our quickest pancake recipe takes less than 15 minutes to prepare and you only need a few ingredients.

Sweet temptation: sweet pancake recipes that make you happy

If your heart beats for sweet things, our sweet pancakes will delight you. Whether it's oatmeal pancakes with fresh strawberry sauce, chocolate or maple syrup, these pancakes will make your mouth water.

Airy, fluffy pancake recipes.

Have you always dreamed of fluffy pancakes that literally melt in your mouth? Our fluffy pancake recipes give away the secret behind their tender texture. Just follow our step-by-step instructions and experience the delight of a fluffy pancake!

Delicate delicacies: Thin pancake recipes

Do you love thin, classic German-style pancakes or crepes? Our thin pancake recipes are right up your alley. Stuffed, rolled, or stacked, these tender delights are versatile and a little lighter than their thick, fluffy cousins. Here, we've collected some great topping ideas for classic pancakes for you.

Hearty feast: Delicious, savory pancake recipes

Pancakes don't always have to be sweet! Our recipes for savory pancakes invite you to indulge, whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner. From salty fillings to hearty toppings, there's something here for every savory taste.

No egg, full flavor: pancake recipes without egg.

If you're forgoing egg, we've got equally delicious egg-free pancakes for you. Enjoy the full flavor and light texture of pancakes, just without the egg.

Pancakes for everyone: vegan pancake recipes

We also have vegan pancakes ready for those following a plant-based diet. Discover how easy it is to prepare delicious pancakes without animal products.

Get your pan ready, set, go! Dive into our collection of pancake recipes from all over the world. Find your favorites, try something new and make delicious pancakes that will make your heart beat faster.


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