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We were lucky enough to have Alex Hipwell, Nike Master Trainer, cooking with us in our Berlin office. While doing so, we sneaked in 5 questions we’ve always wanted to know the answers to!

1. So, tell us: Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Alex Hipwell and my profession is personal training. I am a Nike Master Trainer, which, for me, is an absolute dream job because I get to work with people every day to make them feel better about themselves, and not just in sport, but in everyday life to make them challenge themselves from yesterday to be better than they were yesterday and that is the motto that I actually live for within my own lifestyle.

2. And why is the right nutrition so important for people who do sports?

The right nutrition is so important when you are doing sports and in your everyday life because it fuels you, it fuels your body and your mind. It helps you concentrate, it helps you focus, and then when you are a little bit more aware of what you are eating, you can fuel your training sessions. You’ll be better at running; you’ll be faster and stronger, and certain different sports, depending on what your goal is. But if you fuel your training session in the right way, in your day you will be a better person and a better athlete –100%.

3. What are the tips you try to stick to when you cook after or before working out?

I always focus on when I am training in the day, so again it comes down to what your goal is. For example, I will stick to myself as an example and I do a lot of strength training and a lot of endurance. Therefore, I make sure I know when and what I am going to train that day because it has been scheduled into my diary and I’ll make sure that I have the right amount of carbohydrates all around my training session, which is going to fuel me for my goal. So if you find out what your goal is, you are going to fuel your session depending on what that is. Most of the time it’s complex carbohydrates and good fats, get your lean proteins in there, all around your training sessions and you will be fine and you will recover correctly.

4. What would be your thing to stay motivated and to integrate sports in your everyday life? As you know, no one has time these days so how do you manage to keep on doing your workouts during the day?

So first of all I am not going to lie. I am not motivated every day. But every time I get to the end, I never regret it. Second of all, always set a goal and have it on a vision board. Find things that work for you and that motivate you. If that means training with somebody else, then find a partner because sure enough one day he/she will want to go and the next day you’ll want to go. So you will be able to push each other. If you are not really sure what to do—which is totally fine and totally normal when you are starting out—jump on to the NTC App. I am going to push this because I use it too. So when I travel and for example I have only got 15 minutes, there is absolutely no excuse. There is a 15 minute work-out on there and it will kick your butt because it kicks mine. So use it in the office, grab some people, get in the meeting room, and move the table move the chairs. Don’t let your excuses be stronger than your reasons for why you do something. Once you do it, I’ll promise you won’t regret it! You just got to try and make the first step.

5. Why do you like to use the Nike+ Training Club app? What makes it special for you? Or is there maybe something else that inspires you to use this app?

Yes, for sure this inspires me on a community level. I am big when it comes to community and being around or surrounded by other people internationally. So I don’t necessarily see them face to face all the time, but I will just jump on the newsfeed, which is in the app and I see people posting different workouts they have completed or runs that they have done or that they are in the middle of a strength session. So the community that Nike+ Training Club has created, that NTC has created, that Nike itself has created is such an inspiration and so motivating on so many different levels. I am sure it will reach anyone regardless of what their goals are and they won’t ever feel alone.

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The Australian Alex Hipwell, who lives in Germany for many years now, is Nike Master Trainer // Mum // Personal Trainerin // Nutrition Advisor // Lifestyle Coach // Figure Competitor // Professional Dancer.
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