Julia Stephan

Editor at Kitchen Stories

We can all answer the question about our favorite food quite fast. Whether it’s spaghetti Bolognese, summer rolls, or potato salad—favorite dishes like this are accepted everywhere. 

But what are our secret guilty pleasures? Which food combinations do we love, but don’t even want to talk about because other people probably won’t understand? This is when deep secrets are revealed that go back as far as our childhood. 

But why be ashamed of them? It’s time to stand up for our guilty food habits and learn to love them. We asked the Kitchen Stories team about secret food pleasures and got wonderful answers!  Suddenly your own indulgences don’t seem so weird anymore. 

What are your guilty food pleasures? Share them in our comments and upload a picture of the strangest food combinations that you love! 

Everything with Ketchup

“From a breakfast egg to chili con carne—everything needs an extra dash of ketchup!”
- Marie, Team Community

Raw Dough

“Even as a child, I loved to bake cookies—not for the cookies, but because I love to eat the raw dough.” 
- Clarissa ,Team Content

Melted Ice Cream with Toppings

“Let ice cream rest until it’s melted and liquid like a soup. Then add chocolate sprinkles, grapes, or cream and stir until it’s all combined”
- Raffael, Team HR

Chocolate Cake Soaked in Warm Milk

“You need 1 – 2 pieces of chocolate cake—they can be a bit dry or old. Pour over warm (rice) milk and stir until a viscous mixture forms. And there you have a dreamy dessert!”
- Hannes, Team Product

Liquid from Canned Mushrooms or Pickles

“I know that most of the people find this very disgusting, but I love to drink the liquid from canned button mushrooms or pickles.”
- Julia, Team Content

Uncooked Thai Noodles

“Open the package and the spice mixture insdie. Sprinkle mixture over noodles, then hold the bag closed and shake so that spice mixture is well-distributed. Afterward, eat it raw, just like that.” 
- Verena, Founder

Hot Kellog’s Frosties

“Pouring hot milk over Kellogg’s Frosties in a bowl. After a while, this turns into a kind of unhealthy porridge. It’s totally sweet, but also very satisfying.”
- Mengting, Founder

French fries Dipped into Chocolate Milkshakes

“There’s nothing better than when sweet meets salty, which is why dipping French fries into thick, diner-style milkshakes is just so good.” 
- Julie, Team Content

The Special Pizza

“I love to eat pizza with asparagus, Hollandaise sauce, sweet corn, pineapple, and button mushrooms.”
- Jeanne, Team Social

The Hangover Menu

“Not sure if two pizzas and a trifle at the same time when I’m hungover counts for guilty pleasure...”
- Hugo, Team Content

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