Devan Grimsrud

Managing Editor at Kitchen Stories

As you might already know, the Kitchen Stories team loves food. We're creating new recipes, writing informative articles, and testing our tips every day to make sure that you're getting our best, most foolproof dinners, snacks, desserts, drinks, and more.

But, thanks to active, creative community members like you, we're also sharing your best recipes-like this creamy combination and this simple and sophisticated tart.

But, there still seem to be a few recipes we don't have in our combined repertoire yetand we wanted to ask you first: Do you have a can't-miss recipe for one of the following dishes?

— satisfying breakfast casseroles
— Italian stuffed cannelloni
— Indonesian nasi goreng
— Prague chocolate mousse cake (also known as "Praga cake")
— savory fried samosa

If your dad is the master of cannelloni, your mother the queen of breakfast casseroles, or your best friend the go-to for all things Indonesian-then share the love and submit those recipes. We're counting on you!

Do you have a recipe you've been dying to see on Kitchen Stories? Upload your recipe to our app to share it with our global community!

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