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What's the best thing about the festive season? Giving gifts—or baking cookies? Happily enough, you don't have to decide on it anymore. Dress up your holiday presents with edible gift tags! They will add a sweet, personal touch to all of your Christmas gifts (and they're just too cute to resist).

Unique Gift Tags for Personalizing Your Holiday Gifts

Christmas cookie gift tags are an easy but ingenious way to give a gift from your heart and make your holiday presents even more unique! Plus, you won’t waste any paper! Compared with usual gift tags, these sweet treats won't end up in the trash or some corner in your house, because who won’t love a card you can actually eat instead of throw away?

Become A Christmas Star With These Easy Cookie Tags!

First thing you need to do for making your own edible gift tags is to prepare your favorite Christmas cookie recipe that works well for cut-out cookies. Here’s ours:

Christmas cut-out cookies

Christmas cut-out cookies

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Once you've prepared the Christmas cookie dough, cut out cookies in your desired shapes, then cut out a hole at the top of each cookie—this is where you’ll thread your ribbon through once your cookie tags are baked. 

After baking, allow your cookies to cool, then decorate them with royal icing and spell the name of your recipients on each cookie gift tag. Allow icing to dry completely, tie a bow through the holes, and attach them to your gifts. Here’s how to do it all: 

Edible Gift Tags

  • 01:18 min.

Have you ever made edible gifts or gift tags yourself? Tell us in the comments, and upload a picture of your creations for all to enjoy! 

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