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Every day at Kitchen Stories we’re publishing new recipes and stories, and nothing makes us happier than seeing our international community busy cooking and sharing pictures of their creations for all to enjoy.

As we began to publish more and more recipes and our Kitchen Stories family and community continued to grow, we came up with a new idea: To create an extra-special place for all of our common cooking experiences to be shared. We’ll be giving you 4 recipes with a special topic or theme on a regular basis with the challenge: Cook, share, and enjoy—with the whole community!

This time around, you’ll be cooking and uploading photos of your creations in our recipe comment sections from now through September 17th.

How to upload your best photos:

Our cook along contest is super easy to take part in. Simply pick one (or more!) recipes of our selection (find them below), get cooking, and then take an amazing original photo of the finished dish. Upload your snap to our website directly under the recipe to share it with the community and enter the contest.

You can upload your photos until Monday, September 17th. Our Kitchen Stories test team will look at each and every photo and choose our favorite. What exactly will be looking for? We’re always seeking out interesting food styling ideas, beautiful backgrounds, and unique garnishes. If you’re looking for some helpful tips, our article, „6 Ways to Take a Better Food Photo“, might be a good place to start.

The winner will be announced later in the week, together with a selection of other photos that didn’t quite make the final cut. The winning picture will also be featured in our Instagram feed—so get your best plates ready and choose your recipe(s) now!.

The 4 recipes for the first cook along:

This time will be all about our favorite fruit: The apple. We’ll bet you probably have some already lying around in your kitchen, so gather a few more ingredients and get cooking—or baking! If you want to know more about finding and storing apples, check out our In-Season article all about apples.

Leek and apple quiche with bacon

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There are few dishes that have the same late summer charm as this quiche. Both the base and the filling are easy and quick to prepare. Salty bacon is the perfect foil for the creamy mixture of heavy cream and egg. With a simple side salad, we see a perfect brunch in your future.

American apple pie

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America’s favorite dessert, apple pie, is heavenly. The warm filling is packed with apples, cinnamon, and nutmeg, and there are so many ways to experiment with the styling of your pie crust! Here is some inspiration.

Fennel, arugula, and apple salad

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This salad combines the best in season fruit and vegetables. If you still think of salad as a side dish, try this recipe. Firm apples, fennel, and fresh arugula combine with creamy honey- vinaigrette, roasted pine nuts, and grated cheese to make a filling, fresh salad that shines in its own right.

Apple crumble in a glass

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A golden brown fruit crumble is undoubtedly a delicious and easy dessert. But this layered version will give it a run for its money, with caramelized apples and layers of yogurt cream. It’s apple-y, creamy, and totally dreamy!

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