What We Do

At Kitchen Stories, we focus on creating exciting content and inspiring recipes for our users. What drives us is our vision to bring unique cooking experiences back to home kitchens all around the world. In this context, we cooperate with hand-selected brands by offering them individual content-marketing opportunities in a video-based, premium environment. By natively creating editorial, branded stories, we generate a benefit for both our users and cooperation partners: Users will discover unique premium content without the interruption of classic ads, whereas brands get to share their story in an innovative way that’s fun and educative to consume.

Kitchen Stories

Our Concept, Explained in 3 Steps

Video Content

The Kitchen Stories team will create an individual creative concept that will highlight your brand’s USPs. As a next step, the (video-based) story is natively produced by in-house editors and can optionally be accompanied by individually developed recipes.


The produced content will, as a next step, be distributed through the Kitchen Stories cross-media channels. Optionally, content can also be syndicated through our influencer network to ensure maximum engagement.


We provide brands valuable, global insights regarding current food and cooking trends. We also analyze how your content resonates with your target audience in order to make suggestions for follow-up content productions.

Case Studies

Our Benefits

Kitchen Stories provides the whole “value chain” under one roof: creative content creation, media syndication, and content analysisWe offer access to a global, attractive, culinary-interested, premium target groupWe work with startup-speed and are happy to accompany your brand’s individual needsAll produced content can be used by your brand for its own marketing purposes

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